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About Product
H2O Timber Beam, also called H2O wood beam,the wooden flanges are made of chemically treated, seasoned timber using a unique finger. Jointing method, the weds are manufactured by joining these flanges with boiling waterproof plywood and thus made as a monolithic timber beam. Both the web and flange are hot proccessed by wedge technology to make it composite versatile section.
Specification and Characterstics
  1. Wood Species: sawed-pine: high quality
  2. Flanges: solid wood, high load bearing capacity
  3. Wed: Plywood orLVL high durability
  4. Coating with painting(yellow colour,water proof)
  5. Standard size 200mm(height)*80mm(width)*40mm(flange thickness)
  6. Available length: 1.8m, 2.9m, 3.0m, 3.3m, 3.9m, 4.9m, 5.9m
  7. Thickness of web: 22mm/27mm/28mm/30mm (special thickness available on request)
  8. Head plastic protective cap is available on
  9. Top flange & bottom flange highly strange: weight per runnig. eter 4.6-5kg
  10. Treated by WBP glue exterior use weather and waterproof
Use of concrete support Hbeams
  • Residential Construction
  • Industrial Construction
  • Office and Building Construction
  • Water- resource engineering
  • Transport infrastructure(road and bridged)
Advantage of HBeam
  • Clean, Accurate and smooth concrete finish
  • Easy to assemble, align and fix
  • Section of concrete support H shaped, making it is a structurally strong and economical section
  • Repitition in operational use 10 to 12 times a compared to normal good conventional timber
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimize work at the site