Heypacha Manufacturing and Trading Plc

About us

Heypacha Manufacturing and Trading Plc is a private limited company which was established on January 2006 E.C. Ato Eyosiyas Getachew, the company’s owner, has more than fourteen years experience in the Timber wood and other related materials industry. He has given service by supplying products like timber wood, ply wood, chip wood, and other related products. To maximize the company’s potential and work method, we work with various family organizations and live up to Heypacha trading plc company’s mission, vision and strategies. We buy timber and other related products from different companies and resale for different customers.
In the company, there are more than forty employees. From these employees, thirty-three are laborers while there is one employer.We were established on the hope of providing Ethiopians in the construction sector with high quality, world-class, recent and applicable construction materials for a very reasonable amount of price. We are always expanding the list of products we offer, so that our clients can accomplish their construction without a hitch.
Our Mission
  • To fulfill our customers’ interest by providing high quality products
  • To serve our customers properly and develop a strong and successful organization
  • To provide outstanding quality and value to our client
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Our Vision
Our vision is to be the front-runner in the supplying of timber wood and other related materials by providing high quality products, unparalleled service and professional employees while staying connected to recent technologies.