Heypacha Manufacturing and Trading Plc
Heypacha Manufacturing and Trading Plc

"Heypacha why fared the investment!"

Heypacha Manufacturing and Trading P.L.C

Heypacha trading private limited company is a manufacturing and merchandise business company. We are mainly focused on providing high quality construction products for a reasonable price. We know that, for a long period of time, Ethiopians have been longing for an organization that could deliver ...
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We believe that we have filled that gap in the short period of time we have been working. But we are not complacent with what we have done up to this point of time. In the ever growing construction materials manufacturing and importing industry, the thing that holds many companies back is ... Read more


As such, we are always attempting to find new and innovative construction materials, which have the potential to provide a better service than already provided. With us, you can be hundred percent sure that we will never stop finding new and state of the art construction materials that have the profound ability to make your dream construction plan a reality.
If you are a person or an organization involved in a construction project in any capacity, we promise to give you all the products and services you need to make your construction projects go according to plan and successful at the end. So come to our office and check us out; we assure you that you will be happy with both our products and services.
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Who we are

Heypacha Manufacturing and Trading Plc is a private limited company which was established on January 2006 E.C. Ato Eyosiyas Getachew, the company’s owner, has more than fourteen years experience in the Timber wood and other related materials industry. He has given service by supplying products like timber wood, ply wood, chip wood, and other related products.